Takayasu arteritis vs Giant Cell aortitis

Takayasu arteritis is one of the non-infectious vasculitides Robbins discusses in a little section that starts on page 510. We’ll take a look at these over the next few weeks, just hitting the high points so you have a nice overview.

The most unusual thing about Takayasu is its clinical presentation. It is characterized by weakening of pulses in the upper extremities (it’s sometimes called “pulseless disease”), as well as ocular disturbances. It’s a granulomatous vasculitis that tends to involve the aortic arch (leading to narrowing or obliteration of the great vessel lumens – hence the clinical symptoms).

Takayasu arteritis is similar to another disease called giant cell aortitis, both clinically and histologically. The distinction is made on the basis of the patient’s age: patients over 50 are designated as having giant cell aortitis, and those under 50 are said to have Takayasu arteritis.

‘Tea’ It Loose It! The Earl Gray Diet Formula

So I read that tea could help reduce significant calories each day; for a great weight reduction performance in a year’s time! That is what I like to call slow but sure. For years, I have been trying to find somebody who could give me a slow solution that could last on the issue of weight loss. And till today, I never knew that the solution had been Blended by the Chinese, gifted to Charles Grey, the second Earl of the 1830 (Earl grey was credited with the abolition of slave trade in the United Kingdom), and with the great Italian bergamot in cooperation, the radiant tea had been created way before my great grand father was born.

There are claims by two ancient tea companies that they were given the original Chinese tea and asked to blend and create more tea for the Earl whose supply, given to him by a Chinese mandarin was almost running out. I understand the urgency, but guess what, Earl Grey tea was born of this urgency. Many people have different views and beliefs about this tea. Leaving that to individual judgment, let us examine this tea in detail.

Earl grey is brewed for between three and five minutes and is best drunk black. An additional slice of lemon gives the tea an unprecedented twist that tickles your taste bud. The ingredients of this tea are medical, and therefore for simple ailments like common colds, Earl Grey is a natural manager. Bergamot, an Italian, is one of the most exquisite citric fruit that has the unique benefits of burning calories. The power of the citric fruit is that it can burn up to 200 calories taken pure. In the tea, bergamot lightens the body calories and allows them broken down into foods for the muscle, with the most other waste released through the natural metabolic process.

There are over one hundred blends of this tea that have different flavorings, while maintaining the same original taste and feel. Twinings have created such other blends as the Chai, and lady grey to fit a wider group of people and over the years, other five star Grays as the Adagio earl grey Bravo have been created to fit taste. Loosing calories fast leads to gaining even the faster, as you put more efforts to stay slim, the trick is always to work less and find solutions easily. Drinking more Earl Grey will give you the ease of loosing at least 10 pounds a year, and that in five years could turn you into the perfect symmetrically figured personality.

To reduce the caffeine in Earl Gray, there are some organic and decaffeinated Grays that keep you away from addiction. Still those that do not feel bergamot can use other citric flavors that do not necessarily fall in the category of citrus, like the linden tree flower. Avoiding cream and milk will also be of great benefit. You can read more about all weight loss teas and the other ingredients in this diet pills review site. ;)

Things that can keep freshman 15 away from you and that can help you lose fat

Nowadays, things are really getting tougher for students. This world is really getting more and more competitive and if you want to survive, you will have to develop some special skills. That’s exactly the reason why students travel to different places to acquire special skills or degrees, for instance. However, it is so common to see that student always find themselves in such circumstances that cause freshman 15.

There is no denying in the fact that college life can really become so busy that students can never find time to take care about their physique. That’s exactly where the freshman 15 comes into the picture. It’s very understandable if you become fat during your college days. However, if you are one of those persons who are aware of the threats proposed by freshman 15, then you must take some steps to stay away from it.

Always get enough sleep:
The importance of sleep can not be emphasized in a right way. It is the most crucial thing that will have direct effects on your health. Sleeping for enough hours is essential for everyone, but, it is momentous for college students. Many studies have claimed that if college students will take a sleep of about seven hours, they will stay fit and slimmer. On the other hand, sleeping for less than seven hours can increase weight. So, develop a perfect schedule to get enough sleep at night.

Maintain good eating habits:
There are lots of students who always skip breakfast and go with late night meals. It is imperative to mention that breakfast can really provide you the energy that is required to perform day to day tasks. So, it must never be skipped. Students who skip breakfast always find them in a problem of excessive weight. Breakfast can have a direct impact on metabolism, so, it should never be skipped. Similarly, always stay away from late night meals as calories can make you gain more weight.

There is nothing to emphasize the importance of exercising. Exercise can help you to stay active and it can strengthen your immune system along with metabolism. Of course if you are obese, exercise is the best solution for you as well. Students must always try to get indulged in some physical activities like swimming, running, walking, etc. Also, students can go for weight training as this is the best way to stay fit and fine.

Bad drinking habits:
To stay away from freshman 15, students must stay away from bad habits like drinking alcohol, soda etc. Drinking alcohol can really create bad effects on your weight as it injects empty calories in your body. Drinking 8 beers means that you are having 960 empty calories which is really undesirable. Similarly, soda can also be considered bad because of the presence of processed sugar. So, try to stay away from these things if you want to avoid freshman 15.

So, these are the basic things that students must keep in mind to avoid the phenomenon known as freshman 15. However, there are some other things as well that are to be considered by freshmen. For instance, eating in cafeteria should be done in a right way and all types of deserts should be avoided. Simply put, you must have a plan and you must eat and sleep according to that as this will not only bring discipline in your life, but, you will also be able to enjoy a better fitness. Don’t forget to try various weight loss programs if you really think you need it.

Treating Insomnia

insomniaThere are many who have a sound sleep, but there is also another group that keep tossing on the bed because of sleep deprivation. Inadequate sleep make the man feel fatigue and tired the next day and in turn leads to sleep loss. So that’s a vicious cycle. Inadequate sleep can also lead to psychological disturbances. So a timely treatment is necessary when you suffer from Insomnia.

There are various causes of insomnia and the treatment depends on the cause. Most common cause is mental stress and worries. You can do medication to relieve stress. You can also try natural sleep aids like Melatonin, Valerian, Relora, sleep mast, music etc. if the condition is mild. If the sleep deprivation is because of someone’s snoring, you can use earplugs as sleep aid snoring.

But if still the problem continues, better consult a physcian or psychiatrist. It’s treatable, so don’t worry. :)

Know more about Alopecia

Alopecia refers to loss of hair (usually from the scalp) – synonym to baldness. Alopecia sometimes also include loss of hairs from other body parts like axilla, groin etc – for e.g. in case of Alopecia Totalis.

Alopecia is a medical terminology for Hair loss. It can be a slowly worsening condition or can be an acute one (as in metformin treatment for PCOD ). There are various causes of hair loss like

  • Nutrional changes
  • Hormonal disturbances
  • ADR of various drugs especially Chemotherapy drugs
  • Infection of scalp e.g. dermatitis
  • Inherited disorder
  • RadioTherapy

Treatment Modalities for Alopecia
Depending on the cause, your doctor will advise you a treatment :

  1. - Antifungal/Antibacterial drugs for scalp infection
  2. - Nutritional supplements
  3. - Local application of Minoxidil, Finasteride etc.
  4. - Hair Transplant
  5. - Hair Wig

Information on Mesothelioma

You must have noticed lot of sites related to mesothelioma. All because of increasing cases of mesothelioma disease. So I would like to provide you some Mesothelioma information -  as mesothelioma is a vast topic it can’t be covered in detailed here.

Mesothelioma is a malignant cancer of mesothelium ( the lining membrane of Pleural, pericardial and peritoneal cavities that cover lungs, heart and abdomen respectively ). Though there can be various causes of mesothelioma cancer, but the most common cause is industrial exposure to Asbestos dust. Asbestos is used in various industries and so this is a matter of concern for employees health.

Symptoms – As with other cancers, this is a slowly developing disease and so the patient is diagnosed in a late stage. Some of the common stymptoms are chest pain, hemoptysis, breathlessness, pleural effusion, chronic cough, weight loss, anorexia etc.

Commonly there are 3 types of mesothelioma – Pleural, Peritoneal or Pericardial. and according to cell type – it can be sarcomatous, epitheloid or mixed. It can be classified according to Butchart, TNM or Brigham staging systems.

The treatment modalities depend on the stage of the disease and includes Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy or Surgery. Various new modalities have developed for mesothelioma treatment like Gene therapy, immunotherapy, Photodynamic therapy etc.

The treatment can become costly, and according to mesothelioma law, you can file a claim for the same.  The law varies from place to place and so you can consult some mesothelioma lawyer.

Types of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are becoming popular among younger generation as compared to spectacles. The reason being lenses offer better cosmesis and visual field. But you need extra care in case of lenses than specs. Due to continued innovation, varied types of lenses are available in the market and for varied purpose. They can be divided in various groups according to function, material used, wear time, design etc.

Following are different types of contact lenses in general:

contact lensSoft Contact Lenses – They are flexible lenses made of soft plastics and allow easy flow of oxygen to cornear. They are more comfortable to wear and adjust than rigid lenses. New types of soft lenses include silicone hydrogel for more oxygen flow and comfort and that makes them most popular lenses. But they are costlier and have short life span

Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses – Also known as RGPs, they are more durable and offer better vision, are less expensive and last longer as they don’t tear. They might be uncomfortable initially.

Disposable Contact Lenses – As compared to soft contact lenses which can be used repeatedly, disposable contact lenses are to be used once and then discarded. So a new pair is required each day. Useful in case of replacement schedule.

Extended Wear Contact Lenses – They can be worn overnight or for few days continuously ranging from few days to 30 days. Though not very popular.

Colored Contact lenses – Used for cosmetic purposes but they obstruct your vision. Comes in colors like green, blue, brown etc. and often called as non-prescription contact lenses.