Which is the best HbA1c Analyser?

There are various instruments available for HbA1c testing, for e.g. D10, Biochemistry analyser Siemens dimensions, QuoLab POCT instrument etc.

D-10 is a much better analyser on any given day. It can detect both A1c as well as Hb variants with same kit. On top of this Bio-Rad has a robust support structure in India. Recently (Last month) in an independent publication came out wherein analysis of various instruments for A1c analysis D-10 was found to be most robust particularly in presence of Variants. This becomes all the more important in country like India where incidence of Hb Variants is very high. Particularly in West, Punjab & increasingly in South.

One of my friends has D-10 and she says that it detects Hb variants in many
cases and in such cases, the HbA1c is not supposed to be reliable ?

Also, in these cases of “Hbpathies”, the pt is many times not anemic and
the clinician doesn’t accept the Hbpathy part of the dx.
So she prefers D-10 for the HbA1c alone.

Please share your views and experiences.

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